who is vetting our govt employees our president and where do we start. I believe we must get back to the thoughts of lincoln and jfk they actually cared about the people of the usa.

watch the obama deception on you tube and then we must impeach and fire the president and all the cabinet as well as most of our senate and congress. lets start taking applications for these jobs and hire the most qualified not rely on the ignorant population of america that is gulible enough to vote for people on what they say. all polititions lie we need proven track records of competent people not appointed bs people like lobbiests, friends, and socialists. I would guarantee that if we saw true cv/applications/resumes of most if not all of our government workers both past and certainly presently we would not have hired them to shovel *** out of a stall in a barn.

Criminals, doing criminal activities and the news agancies of today are not reporting facts just what they (the government) want them to say. what happened to transparancy. secret meetings with the builderberg group is illegal and no one is doing a thing about it. NEW WORLD ORDER.

I am an american and I would like to keep it that way. close the borders. law enforcement do your duty investigate illegal immigration find them and deport them and send the bill to the mexican government. look into how unfair mexico's immigration policies are they are all over the internet youtube.

we should have the same. learn to speak english. thats what our legal immagrants did when they came over in boats went through ellis island and then were told by there people and parents to learn english. it follows that while in rome do as the romans.

well while in america speak the *** language 90% of us currently do. I have many immigrant friends and guess what they continue to learn to speak english. i should not have to learn another language when up until recently was the only language taught in our publicly supported schools. take french or spanish as a second language prediction if we actually make it to see the next president inaugarated by 2030 if you can not speak spanish you just might find yourself with a english to spanish dictionary as needed as your wallet or purse so that you can convey a thought remember they understand the system have childeren in the us (natural born citizens) then qualify for wellfare free health care when we the working class or whats left will have to find a way to afford health insurance or we will be sent a bill.

no illegals ever receive a bill for all these anchor babies that also help support the rest of the family on the us govt dime. we as a country will fail very very very soon if we don't start thinking like our forefathers. when was the last time you heard someone say "this is America, its a free country" I can do as i please . That was gone just about the time Regan was in office.

Ron Paul for president/ Lt col Allen west for VP. dismantle the federal reserve and bring it back under govt control. end all of wall streets influence on the govt by sending all of our representatives out of washington dc and back to there individual states offices everything can be handled today with the technology we have. the lobbyist would have real trouble getting to 600 plus people spread out all over the USA.

dc is a centralized location for all of these selfish *** idiots. wall street and the lobby are our enemy and certainly are the precipitous off the new world order Anglo Saxon order lead by London new york and dc. we may have a chance. send this out to everyone you can and do your own research.

Use your mind, do not listen to the propaganda that the TV and most news agencies spread.

you will be appalled. as I am.

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